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Paolo Del Prete feat. Karlot - Golden Spring (promo spot video)

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08 Dec 2020

Paolo Del Prete feat. Karlot
Golden Spring
promo spot video

Composed and Performed by
Carlotta Dessi and Paolo Del Prete

Karlot (Carlotta Dessi): vocals, keyboards, concept
Paolo Del Prete:All instruments, OBE, concept.

Official Out: February 2021

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In the center everything starts like this .... 2 opposites, 2 excesses, 1 only harmonyPaolo del prete feat karlot presents:Golden Spring

En el centro todo empieza así ... 2 contrarios, 2 excesos, 1 solo armonía...Paolo del Prete feat karlot presentan:Golden Spring

Al centro.. Inizia tutto così..2 opposti, 2 eccessi, 1 sola armonia...Paolo del prete feat karlot presentano :Golden Spring

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