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How to Branding Reseller Supersite Fully Branded URL - Myhostit

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Pubblicato il 18 Oct 2018 / In Lifestyle

Changing the URLs of your SuperSite and PartnerSite, provides you with Partially Branded URLs for your SuperSite 2 / SuperSite and PartnerSite. You may choose them as your SuperSite 2 / SuperSite and PartnerSite URLs to display and sell your Products and Services. Alternatively, you can maintain complete anonymity from Myhostit - Bangladesh, by setting up a Fully Branded URL.

1) Supersite (Storefront)
2) Customer Control Panel
3) Partnersite
4) Reseller Control Panel
Knowledgebase link: https://myhostit.com/
Free Domain Reseller: http://reseller.i2billing.com/

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